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Turned parts - microprecisely
At the heart of microtechnology
Uncompromising reliability
A tradition of precision


Lauener offers more than just know-how; we have the experience and wherewithal to produce complex high-end turned parts to our customers’ demanding specifications. It is an art, a culture, rooted in the traditions of our region, which for centuries has been a centre of excellence for microprecision in tandem with innovation.

1905     Company founded by Alfred Lauener, in Chez-le-Bart in the Canton of Neuchâtel. Manufacture of precision parts for the watchmaking industry, with machines designed and developed in-house.

1930      Bernard and Edouard Lauener (sons of the founder) took over at the helm at the Company

1972      Jean Lauener (son of Bernard) and Henri Lauener (son of Edouard) succeeded their fathers at the head of the Company and gradually introduced an industrial dimension

1975      Lauener branched into connectors and extended its machining base

1992      Lauener obtained ISO 9001 certification

1996      New manufacturing built plant in Boudry

1999      Jean Lauener became the sole shareholder after buying out his cousin Henri’s share

2000      Lauener obtained ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 certification

2002      Factory extended to install a dedicated workshop for the production of parts for the medical sector. Workshop opened in China to produce connector parts

2005      Lauener celebrated its centenary

2007      Lauener’s medical business represented over 30% of revenue

2009      Company taken over by Caroline and Emmanuel Raffner (presently the sole shareholders)

2012      Installed a black polishing unit (polishing watch parts) and an automatic anodizing line

2013      Integrated cutting and assembly of gear trains for watchmaking

2014      Created a prototype workshop for watchmaking parts.