Connecting energies
Turned parts - microprecisely
At the heart of microtechnology
Uncompromising reliability
A tradition of precision

Caroline Raffner
Chair of the Board of Directors

Constance Mollichelli
Marketing & Sales

Stéphane Comte
Logistics & Technical

Rémy Humair
Technical Office, Product Lines and Nomenclatures

Nicolas Emonet
Quality Assurance

Sébastien Cuinier
Quality Specialist

José Freire
Medical Production

Georges Böcskei
Infrastructure Management

Emmanuel Raffner
General Management and Medical Sales

Brana Bibic
Marketing & Sales

Isabel Serrano

Carina Oliveira

Isabelle Feuillade
Control - medical products

Elsa Guimaraes
Quality documents

Carlos Guimaraes
Purchasing - tools, equipment and consumables

Nadine Stalder
Human Resources

Chantal Steiner

Regis Perret
Watchmaking Production

Rosario Di Gerlando
Apprentice Training