Lauener Horlogerie

Swiss high-precision turning for
watchmaking industries

Lauener SA specialises in Swiss high-precision turning of parts for watch movements and watch casings.

We supply high-end components to the most prestigious manufacturers in the watchmaking industry.

Watch movement and casing components

From design to machining, Lauener SA produces parts and micro-components through CNC machining for luxury watchmaking, in diameters from 0.01 mm to 16 mm.

The watch components we produce include:

• Screws
• Lugs
• Ferrules
• Cones
• Pins
• Crowns
• Wheels
• Sprockets, etc.

These micro-parts are then finished using different treatments or finishes:

• Polishing
• Black polishing
• Heat treatment
• Nickel, gold or rhodium plating
• Sand and glass-blasting
• Bluing, etc.

Certified processes, make for satisfied customers

Our ISO 9001 certification is a testament to our process expertise and our ability to manage complex projects to the latest standards. Precision and perfection are the backbone of our corporate culture.

Our quality management system is founded on structured and documented processes with the aim of ensuring that our products and services meet our customers’ requirements, while constantly improving our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001: 2015

Manufacture and assembly of parts for the watchmaking, electronics, telecommunications, appliance and medical industries.


Based in the Jura Arc, Switzerland’s “Watch Valley”, for nearly 120 years, Lauener SA produces high-quality turned parts. It takes more than experience ‒ we harness our passion for micro-precision for the benefit of our customers.

Notre personnel est notre atout le plus précieux


Our people are our most valuable asset. We continuously invest in internal training, ensuring knowledge is passed on to the next generation and safeguarding the future.

We manufacture high-precision components in compliance with standards and requirements, thereby producing only exceptional products for our customers.